Supporting the Latina through scholarships, leadership development, advocacy and community involvement.


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We Are:

Comisión Femenil of the San Fernando Valley, an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3)non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the Latina, her family and her community through education, leadership development and community involvement.


We Provide:



Raise funds for our Dr. Karin Durán Memorial Youth Scholarship—awarded annually to Latina students attending high school in the northeast San Fernando Valley pursuing a higher education,


Expose students to Higher Education and Career options

We promote higher education among Latina students through the annual Adelante Mujer Latina Career Conference. Career workshops presented by professional Latina’s inspire and motivate students.


Professional Development & Networking

Provide monthly presentations on local community issues during our general meetings..


Community Involvement

Activism through our support and collaboration with other local community organizations and local issues.


“[Comisión Femenil] is about opening doors for young Latinas so they can pursue their dreams”

Olivia robledo |  Co-president 2016-2017  |  kpfK interview



In call to action during the Chicanx movement, Latina staff and faculty from California State University, Northridge founded "Mujeres de la Raza" in the early 1970s, a women’s group dedicated to promoting the success of young Latinas. As more community members began to join, the founding group formally changed its name to Comisión Femenil of the San Fernando Valley in 1991 joining the national organization, then known as "Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional."

Today, Comisión Femenil of the San Fernando Valley is the longest surviving chapter of "Comisión Femenil," and continues to serve its community through advocacy, activism and female empowerment.



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Dr. Karin Durán Memorial Youth Scholarship

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